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I’d like to rejoin Soulara and reactivate my subscription. How do I do this?Updated 12 days ago

Welcome back to Soulara! To reactivate your subscription, 

  1. simply log in on our website, 
  2. go to 'Manage Subscription', and 
  3. select 'Inactive' to view and reactivate any previous subscriptions. 
  4. Confirm your next order date under 'View upcoming orders'.

Alternatively, you can start a new subscription by, 

  1. logging into your Soulara profile, 
  2. navigating to our Menu page, 
  3. selecting your desired meals or one of our meal bundles (ranging from 7 to 24 meals per week), and 
  4. completing the checkout process.

Thank you for choosing Soulara!

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